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Passion.   Courage.   Faith.     These inspire me.    The spirit I see embodied in people moves me.    In my mind's eye I see, and in my body I feel, what it means to lead with the heart, to walk in faith, to break out of the box, to feel passion...     for love, justice, beauty, truth.    I try to capture the qualities that move me in my sculpture.  I hope that you will see the nobility of character and recognize it in yourself.   I sculpt people - figures and faces - in clay. I use water clay, which I fire, and oil clay, which I have molded and cast in bronze.  I work realistically, though I use abstraction and distortion to emphasize what I see beyond the physical. ~ Jill Perry Townsend                                                                                             

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Skob Knob Studios, LLC
Sculptor and Fine Artist
Jill Perry Townsend

(503) 660-3150